Conference Research Area

The conference welcomes empirical research as well as theoretical/conceptual research papers with field application potential and comprehensive literature reviews. Generally defined, but not exclusively, the conference tracks are as follows:

Education & Education Technology

Pandemic-based educational research, working with diverse populations, child and family education, assessment reliability and validity, education theory and practice, effective technology in the classroom, innovative educational practices, fostering equity in education, e-learning, the global implication of education, curriculum, research and development, inclusive education, new trends in research, global issues in education.

Early Education & Special Education

Early child education (ECE), special education (SE), parenting for SE & ECE, tools and technology for improved delivery for SE & ECE, assessment method for SE & ECE, alternative ways of educating for SE & ECE, Nurturing physical, Social, and Emotional development of children in new normal for SE & ECE.

Social Business

Prospects and challenges of social business, social business and innovation, social business and law, social business and social media, social entrepreneurship, social government, social innovation, social marketing. Roundtables/workshops on social business are also expected.


General marketing, business marketing, consumer behaviour, international marketing, marketing management, market orientation, services marketing, retail marketing, social marketing, strategic marketing and supply chain management.


Business ethics, business strategy, conflict management, corporate governance, corporate intellectual capital reporting, corporate venturing, cross cultural studies, human resource management, innovation, strategic theories of the firm, operations management, organisational behaviour, international business, sports management, strategic management, leadership.


Banking law, business law, comparative legal system, constitutional law, corporate law, consumer law, criminal law, energy law, environmental law, international law, human rights law, Islamic and Sharia law, legal history, maritime law, mercantile law.

Social Responsibility

Contemporary issues of CSR, CSR and business ethics, CSR and business sustainability, CSR and consumers, CSR and corporate performance, CSR and corporate governance, CSR and human rights, CSR and political economy, social and sustainable marketing, CSR and communication.


Agribusiness, agricultural and resource economics, applied economics, economic development and growth, economic policy and rural development, economic regulations, energy economics, environmental and natural resource economics, financial economics, health economics, history of economic thoughts, industrial economics, international economics, institutional and ecological economics.